Audi TT - Print/Interactive Campaign

In collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy


There's hot. And there's HOTT. There is fast. And there is FASTT. There is smart. And there is SMARTT.

That was the idea behind the interactive launch campaign of the new Audi TT 2015 in India. Wieden+Kennedy approach me with the idea with an opportunity to work on the visuals for the interactive/print campaign. I collaborated with the Hamburg-based Art Director, Antoni Tudisco to work on the same and come up with visuals that were spread through out the cities of India, and featured in magazines like Vogue and GQ, and online platforms. 



Artwork/Illustrations: Antoni Tudisco, Raag Raisinghani

Creative Director: Raghav Sikka, Fern Breslaw

Producers: Melissa Vazquez, Raag Raisinghani

Project/Account Managers: Anirudha Hanamantache, Raag Raisinghani