Panasonic - Highs and Lows

In collaboration with BBDO Dusseldorf


Featuring the careers of three artists - Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears - these visuals deliver a catchy look and a connection to the world of sound and acoustic.

The energetic and powerful looking soundwave in each visual communicates the benefits of the Panasonic RP HD-10 headphones as well as the highs and lows of each artist's careers.



Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider

Artwork/Illustrations: Raag Raisinghani, Dot

Creative Director: Fabiano Oliveira

Art Director: Fabian Pensel, Nicoletta Kiermaszek

Copywriter: Ramon Scheffer

Production Company: ORT/BBDO Dusseldorf

Johnny Cash - Highs and Lows

Michael Jackson - Highs and Lows

Britney Spears - Highs and Lows